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Stacy Ganz Kahn

Founder/Executive Director

Educational Consultant


Director Stacy Ganz Kahn and Donna Sagona have over 65 years of combined experience serving the educational needs of families in the Greater Washington D.C. Area.  They hold advanced degrees in general education, special education, and administration and supervision.  They have served as general and special education teachers, staff development specialists, and Montgomery County Public School administrators.  In addition, they have taught both undergraduate and graduate education and special education courses at American and Hood Universities.  Stacy and Donna have received numerous awards and accolades as preeminent and highly respected educators and consultants.​


Stacy and Donna are among only a handful of Educational Consultants and Advocates who have had experiences as regular education teachers, special education teachers, staff development trainers, public school administrators, and the parents of children with learning differences.  This has given them a very unique perspective of the entire IEP process as they have sat on all sides of the IEP table.


Educational Resources Group and its team of professionals offer support and guidance to families all over the country.  Stacy and Donna believe strongly that ALL children deserve a stellar education. They believe strongly that monetary difficulties should never be a deciding factor to services. They will work with your family to ensure your child receives the services they deserve.  Stacy and Donna are proud to boast that they have many clients with whom they began working in elementary school and have continued to work with and support through college and beyond.  Relationships are one of the keys to success!


Stacy and Donna believe strongly in giving back to their communities.  Stacy has served, and currently serves, as PTSA President at her children’s elementary and high schools. In addition, both serve on many committees that benefit the community.


​Stacy Ganz Kahn

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