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Dr. Catherine McGill is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and owner of McGill Neuropsychology. Dr. McGill has a particular interest in helping families understand their child’s unique potential from a strength-based approach. Dr. McGill specializes in assessing children with a variety of complex medical or neurodevelopmental concerns, but has a particular subspecialty in working with children who are experiencing a prolonged or complicated recovery from concussion. No matter the referral question or presenting concern, Dr. McGill is passionate about using information discovered from a neuropsychological evaluation to team-up directly with families and other medical and/or school providers to "fine-tune" the best supports and interventions for a child. 

Neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between the brain and behavior. In children and adolescents, neuropsychological evaluations assess several cognitive domains, psychological and behavioral factors, and academic achievement. A neuropsychological evaluation can offer a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive processes contributing to a child’s behavior, reveal how a child learns best, identify specific learning disabilities, and provide targeted intervention strategies to help the child succeed.

In line with her passion for advocacy and outreach, Dr. McGill is currently an Executive Board member and the Symposium Director of the Sports Neuropsychology Society. She is also an active consultant for the Virginia Concussion Initiative hosted by George Mason University. She previously was faculty within the Division of Neuropsychology at the Children's National Medical Center and was an Assistant Professor at The George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC.  Prior training of Dr. McGill's includes an APPCN-approved fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at the Children's National Medical Center and specialized internship in pediatric neuropsychology and special immunology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Mailman Center for Child Development. Dr. McGill completed her graduate training at the American School of Professional Psychology. 

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